Architecture plays an integral role in our lives and by crafting spaces through contextually sensitive habitat design, VYOM aims to create architecture that will positively impact communities. By working with our clients, right from project conception, we facilitate project brief development in sync with the client’s vision. By integrating services such as spatial and building design, urban design and master planning, structure and MEP design, landscape design, with sustainability at the core, our endeavour is to build functionally and aesthetically superior environments.

Building Design

Where Innovation Meets Imagination
Vyom understands the profound relationship between spaces and the people who inhabit them. The architectural building design service is more than just creating structures—it’s about shaping experiences, telling stories, and carving legacies. Vyom believes in tailored design solutions that capture the essence of this narrative, ensuring each building we design is both purposeful and distinct. We shape spaces that inspire, connect, and stand the test of time. Each design we craft embodies our commitment to aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

Our BIM services facilitate better decision-making, improved accuracy, and the creation of more sustainable and efficient building designs.

VYOM’s immersive experiences offer a groundbreaking approach to design review and visualization, enabling precise evaluations and modifications.

Our meticulous digital clones serve as invaluable assets for diagnostics, monitoring, and optimization throughout the lifecycle of a structure.

 We design streamlined, scalable solutions tailored to enhance productivity and accommodate the unique needs of industrial spaces.

Our designs prioritize sustainability and performance, ensuring each building’s envelope contributes to energy efficiency and environmental harmony.

Our landscape solutions are meticulously crafted to create harmonious and impactful environments.

Our retrofit solutions are customized to breathe new life into buildings, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of occupants and the environment.

We restore and safeguard architectural heritage, ensuring the longevity and continued relevance of each unique structure.

Our advisory services focus on creating patient-centered environments that promote healing, efficiency, and adaptability to evolving healthcare needs.

Urban Design

Crafting the Blueprint of Tomorrow’s Cities
Vyom creates comprehensive and integrated spaces that foster community, enhance liveability, and shape urban environments to be functional, appealing, and sustainable. It transcends the scale of a single building to focus on the larger context of cities and communities. At Vyom, our urban design service seeks to mould these landscapes into cohesive, functional, and inspiring environments. By merging architecture, planning, and public spaces, we envision and create urban spaces that cater to the contemporary while respecting history and anticipating the future.

Our Master Planning services at VYOM transform visions into structured realities, fostering intuitive designs and streamlined implementations for enriched living spaces.

Our thoughtful planning strategies spawn resilient urban ecosystems, laying down the foundations for flourishing, future-ready towns.

We are at the forefront of creating smart environments, enhancing urban living through digitally integrated and eco-friendly innovations.

Our revitalization projects are beacons of regeneration, turning overlooked spaces into bustling hubs of culture and activity.

We cultivate vibrant, transit-rich communities, optimizing accessibility and enhancing the quality of urban living.

Our solutions redefine urban mobility, creating intelligent, interconnected transport networks for the cities of tomorrow.

We are committed to safeguarding urban legacies, blending preservation and innovation to sustain the cultural heartbeat of cities.

We revolutionize spatial understanding through advanced 3D visualization and comprehensive geographical data, enabling accurate, informed developmental strategies.

Interior Design

Crafting Spaces from the Inside Out
At Vyom, we believe that the heart of a structure lies in its interiors. Our interior design service extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a careful choreography of space, form, and function, harmoniously blended to reflect the ethos of its occupants while enhancing comfort and utility. Every interior space we design carries Vyom’s signature touch – a blend of innovation, precision, and elegance. Our dedicated team of interior designers and collaborators work tirelessly to ensure that your interiors not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our services in Furniture Layout and Space Planning optimize each space, marrying functionality and aesthetics to meet user needs and uplift experiences.

Our Furniture Design services blend aesthetics and practicality, creating tailor-made pieces that resonate with diverse needs and guarantee user satisfaction.

Our Occupation and Health Safety services are meticulously designed to elevate standards, safeguard occupants, and ensure a resilient and secure environment.

Our Graphics and Wayfinding solutions develop intuitive and coherent signage systems, facilitating seamless navigation and enriched user experience within various spaces.

Our Furnishings Consultancy refines spaces with meticulously selected and coordinated pieces, harmonizing aesthetics and comfort for inviting and inspiring environments.

Our Illumination Design services enhance ambiance and functionality through tailored lighting solutions, creating vibrant and harmonious environments for every purpose.