ABB Group Campus

At a glance


Mathura, UP





Site Area

33,500 SQM

Built Up Area

11,000 SQM

Project Cost

130 MINR





ABB Group Campus

The ABB Campus in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, is a thoughtful attempt to integrate sustainable practices into the corporate and research environment. Built on the principles of Retrofitting and Rehabilitation, the campus incorporates features like a corporate office, an R&D facility, a training center, and a guest house.


Our design approach emphasizes the use of natural light through larger openings and double-glazed units, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Spatial planning aims to foster a sense of openness and equality, avoiding traditional hierarchies.


Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and while the campus has measures in place to reduce energy use and waste, there’s always room for improvement. We’re humbled by the opportunity to learn and adapt, especially given the immense energy and material demands of construction projects.


Completed initially in 2004, we had the honor of revisiting the campus for renovations ten years later. Here, we introduced a Pre-engineered Building System in line with ABB’s international guidelines, a move that aligns with our ongoing efforts to explore innovative but sensible construction methods.


We view the ABB Campus as a stepping stone toward a more sustainable future in architecture, serving the immediate needs of its occupants while mindful of its broader environmental impact.

Abb Group Campus

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