Dental Clinic

At a glance


Frends Colony, New Delhi





Site Area

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Built Up Area

278 SQ M

Project Cost

0.1 MINR





Dental Clinic

Moving away from the standardized format of healthcare spaces, our team’s primary focus during the design discussions revolved around ensuring that the space would not resemble a typical dental clinic. We set out to create a unique and distinctive environment. The result was a dynamic, joyful, and comfortable place, unlike any traditional dental clinic, with a color and material palette that set it apart.


Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by a refreshing burst of natural light, complemented by an array of planters, decorative pieces, and artwork. Cozy yellow leather chairs and wooden flooring contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the lush landscape adds a touch of nature’s beauty. The design of the space is further enhanced by intricately woven windows that allow ample sunlight to flood the interiors, accentuating their beauty.

Dental Clinic

Our vision for this project was to completely reimagine the conventional dental clinic, giving it a crisp new identity. The interiors blend contemporary aesthetics with classical highlights, resulting in a space that challenges the preconceived notions of what a dental clinic should look and feel like. This unique theme is seamlessly integrated throughout the entire space, creating an environment that is both visually pleasing and comfortable for patients.