Global Group Townships

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Agra I Hissar I Karnal I Sirsa





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2004 - 2014



Global Group Townships

Our design team embarked on a project that aimed to redefine luxury living within the serene embrace of nature. We set out to seamlessly fuse the timeless grace of royal living with a contemporary perspective while honoring rich cultural traditions. As designers, our mission was clear: to reshape the concept of exclusivity through our creative vision.


In crafting the Township, our primary goal was to create a diverse range of homes that resonated harmoniously with the natural environment. Our design approach revolved around the careful integration of nature’s beauty with innovative construction techniques, resulting in residences that offered opulent amenities while preserving a deep connection with the surrounding greenery.


Our meticulous planning focused on cultivating an invigorating atmosphere where residents could readily access a wide array of sports, recreational activities, and adventurous pursuits suitable for all age groups. Our design philosophy underscored the idea that a well-designed space can cater to diverse interests and desires.


Within the Township, we achieved a delicate equilibrium between independence and community living. Our design solutions included a variety of housing options, from high-rise towers to independent villas, each thoughtfully designed to provide residents with a perfect blend of personal privacy and communal enjoyment.

Global Group Townships

We fostered a slower-paced lifestyle, encouraging residents to embrace natural fresh air, captivating scenery, and communal spaces for social gatherings and celebrations. Our design ethos came to life in residences that faced the splendor of nature, offering a holistic experience encompassing luxury, wellness, and pure enjoyment.