Indian Oil Administration & Training Building

At a glance


Panipat, Haryana





Site Area

1,05,248 SQM

Built Up Area

Project Cost

1680 M





Indian Oil Administration & Training Building

The Indian Oil Administration & Training Building in Panipat, Haryana, stands as a beacon of modern, sustainable architecture. With its cutting-edge design, this structure has not only attained the prestigious LEED Gold certification but has also set new standards in energy-efficient green building practices.


At first glance, the building captivates with its striking glass façade, which isn’t merely aesthetic but also functional. This transparent exterior facilitates optimal use of natural daylight, thereby substantially reducing the need for artificial lighting inside the building. This feature plays a key role in the structure’s energy-efficient blueprint.


What further distinguishes this building is its innovative approach to resource management. Utilizing waste low-pressure exhaust steam from the IOCL power plant, the building operates its VAM Chillers—a practice that underscores the facility’s commitment to sustainability. This unique approach to energy recycling integrates the building seamlessly into the existing energy ecosystem while reducing its carbon footprint.


In terms of design, the building adopts a segmental geometry that is harmoniously reflected in both its planning and its façade. This segmented layout was specifically devised to allow for a high degree of functional flexibility, permitting easy modifications and adaptations to suit changing needs and programs.


Indian Oil Administration & Training Building

Altogether, the Indian Oil Administration & Training Building is more than just a workspace; it’s an architectural testament to what can be achieved when innovation, sustainability, and functional design converge. This building does more than house its occupants—it empowers them to work in a setting that is as environmentally responsible as it is inspiring.