Malaysian Embassy

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Malaysian Embassy

The team set out on a creative journey to seamlessly fuse the echoes of history with modern sensibilities, giving rise to a structure deeply rooted in the essence of Malay architecture. Our design concept embraced the vernacular essence, finding its niche in a lush green landscape adorned with dense foliage, creating an immersive tropical experience.


The movement within the space was artfully orchestrated by incorporating intricate Malay-style carvings, adding a captivating dimension to the structure. Inside, the interiors basked in the gentle embrace of natural light streaming through expansive windows, rendering the interior spaces exceptionally transparent to the surrounding beauty of the outdoors..


The open-sided design, adorned with stone-clad pillars and crowned with a wooden lattice framework adorned with climbing plants, emerged as a striking focal point within the garden and poolside area. This architectural feature seamlessly connected the structure with the natural environment, creating a captivating outdoor experience.

Malaysian Embassy

Nature, in all its glory, was the ruling deity on this site, and we, as architects, paid homage to Malay architecture through the incorporation of traditional architectural elements that ensured a harmonious coexistence between the structure and its natural surroundings.