Unitech Heights

At a glance







Site Area

96,308 SQ M

Built Up Area

1,43,195 SQ M

Project Cost

1000 MINR





Unitech Heights

Unitech Heights is a harmonious blend of modernity and nature, set against the backdrop of a sprawling urban landscape. This avant-garde architectural marvel consists of multiple towering structures, reaching skyward with an impressive presence, while echoing elements of contemporary design.


The facade features a mix of sleek glass windows juxtaposed against solid panels, giving the buildings a rhythm of transparency and privacy. Intelligently designed terraces adorn various levels, interspersed with lush green pockets, bringing an element of vertical gardens to this urban setting. These terraces not only break the monotony of the vertical expanse but also provide residents with spaces for relaxation and socialization.


At the base of these skyscrapers lies a verdant recreational zone, encompassing everything from winding walkways to serene sitting areas. A series of interconnected pools mirrors the sky and adds a touch of luxury to the surroundings.


Furthermore, the strategic positioning of the structures ensures optimal sunlight for every unit, coupled with panoramic views of the cityscape. The design also prioritizes sustainability, evident from the incorporation of solar panels on rooftops and green spaces that promote biodiversity. An ode to sustainable luxury and design, redefining urban living for the modern inhabitant.

Unitech Heights