Wearwell Garments

At a glance







Site Area

8,000 SQM

Built Up Area

12,0000 SQM

Project Cost

240 MINR





Wearwell Garments

The Wearwell Garments building in Noida presents a contemporary architectural aesthetic, combining both modern design elements and materials.


The facade of the building prominently features a large textured beige stone, giving the structure a sturdy and grounded appearance. This rustic materiality is complemented by sleek white vertical surfaces that provide a contrast, enhancing the building’s visual appeal.


An eye-catching feature of the building is its branding – the logo displayed on the two main faces of the building. This not only establishes the building’s identity but also adds a graphic element to the otherwise minimalistic design.


The entrance area boasts a modern canopy with horizontal red slats that give a pop of color against the neutral palette of the building. This canopy not only offers shelter but also creates an inviting entrance for visitors and staff.


The building is surrounded by a well-paved driveway and parking area, accommodating multiple vehicles. This area is interspersed with patches of greenery, including shrubs and palm trees, which provide a refreshing contrast to the hardscape and soften the overall appearance of the premise.



Wearwell Garments

Overall, the Wearwell Garments building in Noida embodies a blend of modern design with functional architecture, creating a space that’s both visually appealing and efficient for its intended purpose.